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We have a close competition for the top spot after an exciting weekend of the NFL Playoffs in the Wildcard Round.

Here is the current Top-10 (Andy and I are included in italics).  Note that the overall leader Scott Schnorrbusch is a statistical advisor to and a staff writer at   He must know his football or something.

League Standings Points
@RookieBlitzCFB 158.6
@VonDouchey 154.7
@Domnation24 152.5
AllPurposeRoto 147.75
Killers 146.65
@pancake__77 143.6
@ebolacolas 143.2
@FantasyExchange 142.4
Paradise Coach 139.9
@ScottBondar 139.8
@Bryan_Fontaine 111.2
@AndrewMiley 102.8

Here are the standings for the rest of the 100 team field.

Curious what the top lineup could have been in this format?  This optimum lineup would have scored 227.40 points with many unlikely heroes.

  • Matt Hasselbeck SEA QB 35.60
  • Julius Jones NOS RB 29.00
  • LaDainian Tomlinson NYJ RB 25.90
  • Ray Rice BAL RB 20.90
  • Jason Avant PHI WR 22.30
  • Pierre Garcon IND WR 22.20
  • Devery Henderson NOS WR 20.70
  • Todd Heap BAL TE 20.80
  • Ravens Def 30.00

Good luck to everyone again in the divisional round of the playoffs.  Remember it is a marathon to the finish line at the Super Bowl!

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