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Turn out the lights, the party’s over“-Joseph Don “Dandy Don” Meredith

After a busy season, most commissioners and owners alike want to say those very words. Please don’t let that be you as it is great to consider what can make the league better for next

1) Ask for feed back– How did the league go?

2) What is working and was isn’t working in the league?- Rules, scoring, rosters, etc.

3) Rule updates/tweaking – Should we change defensive scoring, go to idp format, take off for turnovers, etc?

4)  Owner activity – Are owners using the waiver wire, putting in their lineups without being prompted, voting timely?

5) Money collection in money leagues – Who are you chasing for money?  Trying to get league dues gets old real fast.

Dynasty leagues are like a living, breathing organism. The members of the league can change year to year due to: time, finances, other leagues, and/or family commitments. As a commish, be ready for change; however, find ways to get other owners to add their advice to make the league feel like their own.

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