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Do you like taking chances? Do you need more leagues to play in? Are you interested in trying a dynasty league, but you do not know anyone that has a start-up league (a league that is drafting from scratch)? Well it isn’t for the faint of heart, however you might want to try taking in an orphaned team on an existing dynasty league.

Why a takeover?

Dynasty leagues have grown in popularity each year. Unfortunately some owners leap before they look and get in over their heads. They don’t understand the rules or the concepts for a dynasty league and draft a horrible team. Sometimes owners simply can’t say no and end up in too many leagues to manage or enjoy the wonder that is fantasy football. Other times they have financial burdens due to the economy or simply never tell their wife what they spend. Personality conflicts and improper use of league money can occur as well. These things happen in the “real world,” but in a dynasty league these can cause problems as each issue can lead to an owner dropping out of the league.  Read the rest of this entry

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