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For some of you, dynasty is a scary commitment. You aren’t sure that you can be good at it. There is a lot of strategy, maybe you are not ready to make that next step. How do you get into a pool or body of water? I’m the guy that just jumps in, but you might be a dip your toe in kind of person. A great place to start on the way to dynasty is to try a keeper league.

Dynasty versus Keeper

The concepts of dynasty leagues and keeper leagues are very close. In a dynasty league, you draft your players and you keep them until they retire or you decide to trade them or cut them. Keeper leagues only hold a specific amount of players depending on roster rules, salary caps, or time on the team. I would suggest someone who wants to get the feel for a dynasty league who is not sure they are ready, to start with a keeper league.  Read the rest of this entry

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