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Here at dynasty blitz, I will watch every preseason game and let my readers known what I’m seeing.  The NFL landscape is fluid, so please keep in mind that this is only the first week.  My concentration was on the younger players and/or new borlandteam additions.  Here are some quick observations after watching the first half of each game:


LB Chris Borland, SF- The young backer got the start beside Michael Wilhoite.  He looked a bit overwhelmed with the speed of the game, and got knocked around the line of scrimmage.  It may take some time with him.

WR Bruce Ellington, SF- He returned the first two kickoffs and demonstrated good vision with quick cuts.  The rookie wide out did not see any offensive targets with the first team or the second team to my knowledge.  Read More »

Can you feel the excitement in the air?  Fantasy football is ready to go on tilt!  All NFL training camps are opening this week.  That means fantasy football players will get flooded with everyone’s sleepers and opinions for two months prior to the fireworksstart of the regular season.  Let’s use this time in a different way, by educating yourself to spot things.  Find ways to exploit the news and the preseason games to your advantage.

Do not over-react to news

If you follow people on Twitter, find beat writers or national reporters that support their information.  Has that writer been following the team for years with an ear to ownership or the coaching staff?  Sometimes they could be getting the information spoon fed to them with some alternative motives, look into it and don’t trust blindly.  Unless I’m hearing it directly from Adam Schefter or Steelers beat writer that I trust, I tend to wait for official word to come out.

Injuries are a little different in my eyes. I tend to react a bit quicker to those concerns versus playing time/coaching issues.  Read More »

This site is generally devoted to specific advice for and coverage of fantasy football, from draft strategies to rankings, news, and blog posts on various relevant topics. But with the NFL season rapidly approaching, we’re devoting this post phoneinstead to some of the tools that may help busy fantasy owners to stay on top of their leagues, from the draft, through game days, to the playoffs.

In a 2013 survey of NFL fan viewing and stat tracking habits, Verizon Wireless found some pretty interesting statistics: that 59.6% of viewers watch games at home, and 10.2% watch on smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, 34.8% of viewers claim to be socially active during games, and 26.6% claim to be involved with streaming (watching other games’ highlights, checking scores, etc.) while watching. What all of this means is that fans are increasingly engaged with digital media while watching football, using phones and tablets to keep track of not just a single game, but the entire league on game days? And, while fantasy was not a specific element of viewership covered in this survey, it stands to reason that fantasy concerns play a significant role in all of this stat tracking and game surfing.

But which mobile apps and tools should be keeping you busy on NFL Sundays? Obviously, the most important answer is the app for whatever fantasy league host you use, be it Yahoo, ESPN, etc. But beyond the app you use for your own league, here are a few cool tools to check out. Read More »

This is the final installment of my full disclosures of my dynasty fantasy football teams.  My team, Ivanka Trumps All, is coming off its first title in 2013 and looking for more championships.  This is my longest running league that started in dalton2010.  The league began as a local NYC league with my friend Derek aka Swoop as the commissioner several years earlier.  He was a member of my old Anakin’s Dynasty League (which lasted five years earlier) and liked the dynasty concept.  Only about half of his New York league mates wanted to make the jump to a dynasty fantasy football league, so Swoop and I ended up mixing his local friends and several of my online friends to form this 12 team league.  You can find the league here:

This is a “starter IDP league”.  Sometimes new IDP players are nervous about trying different things, so this league only starts four IDP positions: 1-2 LBs, 1-2 DLs, and 1-2 DBs with tackle heavy scoring.  I attempt every year to get more defensive players added to no avail.  On offense the starting lineup looks like: 1 QB, 1-3 RBs, 1-3 WRs, 1-3 TEs (6 starters between RB/WR/TE), and 1 K.  All touchdowns are worth 6pts and the PPR concept stagers with 1pt for running backs, 1.25 for wide receivers, and 1.5 for tight ends.  There are also bonuses for certain thresh holds: 5pts for 100 yards rushing or receiving (not combined) and 5pts for 300 yards passing.  During the regular season, the rosters drop to 30 regular spots and four taxi squad slots for rookies and injured players listed as doubtful or worse.

QBs- Tony Romo, Andy Dalton, Josh McCown, AJ McCarron (start 1)

Romo, when healthy, is a good starter who seems to get to 300 yards a lot with their porous defense.  I picked up Dalton in a trade last year and am ok with him as a backup, but I don’t trust him or McCarron much.  McCown helped carry me last season when Cutler got hurt and will only stay on this team if he is starting.  Read More »

tannyThe journey through my dynasty fantasy football leagues continues to the Gardiner Packers.  This is the third year of the league, which is a 32 teamer with doubles of every player (only warning is that a single owner cannot own two of the same player).  It is one of the famed Paragon Leagues that have strong commissioners and spelled out rules for almost every single situation.  Scoring is as follows: 4pts for passing touchdowns, 6pts for all other touchdowns, .5pts for running back per reception, PPR for wide receivers and tight ends, and sacks are worth three times as much as tackles for the defensive line.  A starting lineup consists of 1 QB, 2-3 RBs, 3-5 WRs, 1-2 TEs, 1 K, 1-2 DTs, 2-3 Des, 3-4 LBs, 2-3 CBs, and 2-3 Ss.  In the offseason, teams can have 73 players on their squad (65 regular roster spots and eight on the taxi squad).  This was my first league of this kind.  This concept gets duplicated a lot, but never as well.  You can find the league here:  Let’s discuss my team which has come close two years a row to making the playoffs:

QBs- Tony Romo, Ryan Tannehill, Matt Moore, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Griffin (start 1)

Romo is an underrated quarterback that will be forced to throw even more with the Dallas putrid defense.  Will Tannehill excel in a high paced offense similar to Philly?  If the answer is yes, he might actually be worth his late first round rookie pick selection in 2013.  I have my starters’ backups, for now, and I invested a few dollars on the waiver wire to get Brees’ athletic backup. Read More »

The tour around my dynasty fantasy football leagues continues with my Farmington Strike Team.  This was the league that got inspired by one of the horrible commissioners.  I serve as a co-commissioner in the appropriately titled Legends hillof the Fall with Sam Thun aka @gridironguy.  It originally started off as a 20 man keeper league, but increased to a 25 man keeper league in 2013 with cuts due in the spring from 35 roster spots.  Technically this is not a true dynasty league, rather a big keeper one. Starting lineups are the following: 1 QB, 2-4 RBs, 2-4 WRs, 1-3 TEs, 1 K, 2-5 DL, 2-5 LBs, 2-5 DBs.  All touchdowns are worth 6 pts other than 5 pts for passing touchdowns.  This is a regular PPR league, save for 1.5pts for tight ends.  For the IDPs, it is a tackle heavy scoring.  I had a great team in 2012, winning the entire league and then crashed in 2013 with a second to last finish.  Here is my team:

QBs- Ben Roethlisberger, Jake Locker, Zach Mettenberger (start 1)

Roethlisberger should be solid for the next 3-4 years, but Locker is a weak QB2.  This league is always quarterback centric and I am never willing to overpay for a solid backup.  Mettenberger got selected just in case of emergency. Read More »


This continues the breakdown regarding all of my existing fantasy football dynasty teams.  The SiriusXM Dynasty League has a bit of historical background that needs to be discussed first.  It was the brainchild of my good friend, Jim rg3Day (@FantasyTaz), who got asked at the Fantasy Football Fest held in Atlantic City in the summer of 2012 to start a superstar dynasty league.  This is a 32 team league with two separate conferences that do not play each other until the title game.  There are many fantasy football luminaries in the league with people from SiriusXM, PFF, Footballguys, Draft Sharks, the fantasy hall of famer Greg Kellogg (@Komments), and even Shane P Hallam (@ShanePHallam).  I am proud to say that I have made the playoffs in both years finishing fourth in my division and made a few changes to be even stronger this year.  The starting lineups are the following:  1 QB, 1-3 RBs, 3-5 WRs, 1-3 TEs, 1 K, -3 DTs, 2-4 DEs, 3-4 LBs, 1-3 CBs, 2-4 Ss and it is equal PPR scoring, 4pt passing touchdowns and all other touchdowns worth 6pts.  There is a somewhat tier based tackles scoring with linebackers getting the least amount for tackles with bonuses for sacks to defensive linemen.  You can find the league here:

QBs-Robert Griffin, Joe Flacco, Michael Vick (start 1)

Last season the quarterback position was a weakness on my team, but I made a trade that sent LB Alec Ogletree and my rookie 2.11 for Griffin and his 3.08.  I think it  worked out well for both of teams.  I am a bit weaker at linebacker now, but it is worth it for the upgrade at quarterback.  Flacco is a solid, but unspectacular backup and with Vick you never know. This is a strength in a 16 team league. Read More »

Here is another one of the recent dynasty fantasy football teams that I built (start up in late February with the rookie draft in May).  I am the commissioner of this 14 team league and recruited most of the owners.  There are a few luminary cammanTweeters in this league like Brian Quinlan aka @The_Street_FA .    The PPR fantasy scoring features a tiered scoring: .5 pts for running backs, 1 pts for wide receivers, 1.5 pts for tight ends.  Passing touchdowns are worth 5 pts and all others are worth 6 pts.  It is tackle heavy scoring with return/rushing/receiving yardage all worth .1 pts per yard and passing is .05 pts per yard.  For the IDPs, it is a tackle heavy scoring system.  This is a super-flex league so every owner has a lot of flexibility: 1-2 QBs, 2-3 RBs, 3-4 WRs, 1-2 TEs, 2-3 DLs, 3-4 LBs, and 2-3 DBs.  Once again, the goal is to look at the composite of the team

QBs- Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Bruce Gradkowski, Mark Sánchez, Ryan Griffin (start 1-2)

Since the draft got held before Newton’s injury and the NFL reveal of their schedule, I am happy with my starting quarterbacks.  Both can put up top ten numbers with one still reasonably young (Newton is 25) and Big Ben, who is 32, has another three to four years left of high fantasy production.  Since Roethlisberger did not get injured last season, I thought he played on borrowed time so I grabbed Gradkowski.  The only two quality backup quarterbacks on the waiver wire were Sánchez and Griffin.  Obviously Griffin is more of a project, but I will need to start one of them Week 12, because the Steelers and Panthers share the same bye week this season. Read More »

I’m sure sometimes reading this dynasty fantasy football site is a bit confusing.  One day there is a scouting report, the next day there will be some fantasy draft analysis, and today is a rant day.  The single most devastating enemy to dynasty $leagues is horrible/laissez-faire commissioners.  In the last five years, I have come across three of them.  This article gives some examples and concerns of mine to the mistakes that they make.  The horrible commissioners already know who I’m talking about and I won’t name them here, but here are some of the warning signs: Read More »


Once again I am giving full disclosure to all of my fantasy teams.  The next team I am exposing is The High Plains Drifters. This was a team I took over about a month and a half ago.  The two biggest reasons I took over the team was the fact giothat my friend, Ryan Berger aka the FFGhost, is the commissioner and that the team had rookie picks in spades: 1.03, 1.05, 2.03, 3.03, 3.05, 3.13, 4.03, 5.03, and 8.03.

The scoring was also interesting with 1 PPR for RBs, 1.25 PPR for WRs, 1.5 PPR for TEs, 5 points per passing TDs, 6 points all other TDs, and tackles worth 1.5 points for everyone but defensive linemen who get 2.5 points for each tackle.  When I took over the team, my tight end and linebacker situations were dire.  Through trades, the rookie draft, and waiver wire picks, I feel I built an improved team with a gaping hole at tight end, despite my best efforts.  Here is my team Read More »

breesBecause we are at a lull in the NFL and most dynasty fantasy football news, I thought this would be a great time to give full disclosure on my teams in all eight of the leagues that I am in.  I will cover each one in an article, the good and the bad.  Some are championship contenders and some are fixer uppers.  It is so easy to fall into groupthink and lose sight of what you are trying to build.  Hopefully this will give some insight into my philosophy and won’t be boring “let’s talk about my team” pieces.  I will start with my most recent dynasty team, Darwin’s Theory 3.  All touchdowns are worth 6 points, 1 PPR for all positions, and tackle heavy scoring.  You can find the league here : Read More »


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